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Wheel washers or radwaschanlagen become something essential in the construction sites. Its job is to clean the wheels of vehicles and it serves very important purposes. It is not just to make the vehicles clean, but it is also important since clean wheels will also give easy maintenance. Moreover, the vehicles will leave the construction sites. When it is not cleaned properly before leaving, there is high possibility of pollution because of the soils that drop on the road. This will become dangerous since it can lead to crash and accidents, and it makes the roads dirty. That is why the MobyDick develops excellent wheel washers to handle the jobs.

Power Efficiency in Operating the Wheel Wash

It is true that the wheel washers from MobyDick are excellent. It can clean the wheels completely so there will be no soils and dusts lefts on the wheels of vehicles. Of course, other wheel washers will also do the job. However, there is something special about the products. It is about its usage of low water pressure. Most wheel washers use the high-pressure water pumps to deliver higher water output to clean the wheels. As the results, some water will be spread, and it will be wasted. In the wheel washers of MobyDick, low water pressure prevents it. Since it also uses low pressure, it takes less power consumption for the pump to operate so it saves the costs. Even so, it still can clean well since all things are already calculated by the engineers.

Great Water Management in Washing Process

In addition to its great management of power consumption, the wheel washers still have other great things to offer. It is about its water management. As what is mentioned, less water will be wasted during the cleaning process. Then, the water after the washing process is not wasted away. Instead, it will be collected and gathered in a special tank. This water will be filtered so later it will be used for the next washing and cleaning process. This is surely something useful since it will cut the water consumption. It is not only to save the costs, but it is also good for the environment.