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Doing business in Germany will have the effect of expanding your business and cultural horizons. This will increase your exposure as well as have you get new business deals. Germany is a country with a deep culture and customs. It is prudent to first understand these culture and customs before starting your business activities in the country. Germans are always straight to the message they are passing, which is misunderstood as bad-tempered. The truth is, Germans are professional and polite and tend to consider flowery chit chat and small talk shallow.  Knowing this will help ensure that you aren’t caught off guard while having a conversation with them. To look at some German companies and the feedback that clients have given to the companies, you can visit review sites such as You can also have a look at telecom companies in Germany. Below business etiquette that is essential while doing business in Germany is discussed.

How to cold email

Germans are used to business emails that have a got a professional introduction. Thus, failure to have one may see your cold email failing to get responded to. Always aim at ensuring that your cold email stands out from others that your potential clients or potential business partners could be receiving. When drafting such an email, always ensure that you put yourself in their shoes and figure out what will be catchy to them. Write in a tone that will reflect authenticity. Always focus on your vital areas and how your potential relationship with a business partner or client will benefit them. When going about the entire process, always ensure that you do not go overboard, especially in the introduction part, be straight to the point by keeping it short. Ensure that in the signature section, you include all your complete contact information. Germans prefer working with experts, so the earlier you establish yourself on the title, the better chance of success your cold email will have.

German business meeting Do’s and Don’ts

The best way to build a business relationship and strike a deal in Germany is to have business meetings with them. Below are some of the Do’s and Don’t that you should always follow in business meetings.

The Do’s

  • Always plan business meetings about two to three weeks prior. Germans like it when they are aware of what is in their schedule ahead of time.
  • Always ensure that you get the meetings right. Germans like to draw a line between business, small talk and relationships. So keep the greetings short. A simple hello will do. Avoid being unnecessarily chatty.
  • Always get the time right. The best time to hold business meetings is around 11 to 1 pm and 3 to 5 Pm. Other times of the day are set aside for personal work.
  • When holding a German business meeting with your entire company management team, always enter the room with your teams most senior person Infront. Also, always start by greeting the other teams most senior person first and proceed as per the hierarchy.

The Don’ts

  • Avoid scheduling your meeting in holiday months which include July, August or September. Germans love festivals and regionals events, which you should always consider when planning your business meetings.
  • Always when invited for a business meeting, avoid, on avoid sitting down by yourself. Instead, wait to be directed on where to sit.
  • Avoid scheduling your business meetings on Friday Afternoons. Friday in Germany is seen as a day of wrapping up the week’s activities and start looking into social activities in the weekends, just as is the case with most countries globally. Thus Friday afternoons aren’t the best for business meetings.

Dressing code

Dressing code is an essential part of undertaking business in Germany.  In traditional industries, professional business meeting necessitates that men go for a conservatively coloured, yet modern and stylish suit with brown or black business shoes. Some appropriate colours include navy, grey and black. Men should avoid poor fitting and outdated suits. Also, combining blazers with Khaki’s should be avoided. Ladies should go for blouses, dresses and long sleeve shirts. The outfit can be matched with socks and ties. Always ensure that such clothes are ironed neatly to ensure you get the best professional business attitude. If you’ve got a meeting with the media, a start-up or for advertising purposes, then in such meetings, you are allowed to wear attires that are more casual such as jeans.

Always keep time

Business people in Germany are busy and punctual.  Always avoid being late or too early for business meetings. This can be seen as being disrespectful. Instead, the best time is being some minutes early, about half an hour. Avoid looking like you are sitting waiting for the meeting, which can be viewed as pressuring them. Instead, consider sitting in your car until its’ meeting time.

In conclusion, with this article, you have the etiquette that you should follow while doing business in Germany.