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Since air compressors are versatile machinery, they can be a great addition to any business. A variety of tasks are performed by these robust and reliable devices compared to electric power tools. From powering small appliances to substantial industrial applications, industrial air compressor serve multiple purposes. However, it can be arduous to choose the best air compressors for meeting business requirements. This article outlines some important factors that can help the owner choose the best air compressor.

●       Air compressors grades

Based on the capacity and applications, air compressors can be found in different grades- consumer grade and industrial grade. Consumer graded air compressors are small and portable and oftentimes used for a small garage workshop or house for inflating tires. On the other hand, the industrial air compressor is an ideal choice for constant use. The design of such compressors is more robust and durable to run at a constant temperature regardless of demand.

●       The capacity of the compressor

The capacity of the air compressors can be known by checking the following standard units:

  1. HP: HP stands for Horsepower and this unit indicates the power output of the compressor to turn on the pump.
  2. PSI: PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch and it measures the pressure of the air output and also represents the ability of the compressor to pressurize the air.
  3. CFM: CFM stands for “Cubic Feet per Minute” and represents the amount of air produced by the compressor in cubic feet per minute.

●       Controls

The fixed speed controls aim to maintain the constant speed of the compressor. Whereas, the speed of the compressors can be adjusted by the variable speed controls so that their output equals the demand.

●       Single and two-stage compressors

Single-stage air compressors are smaller models with a low capacity that are usually used for airbrushing applications for smaller businesses or homes. Now that twice the air is compressed by two-stage air compressors. The tank size of such compressors can go up to or more than 200 gallons to hold a lot of compressed air, which further reduces the input power consumption.

●       Duty Cycle

The duty of the cycle basically signifies the number of minutes the compressor will be allowed to function every 10 minutes. When talking about industrial compressors, the duty cycle of these ranges between 75% and 100%, i.e., they can work continuously.

●       Life Expectancy

It is to be noted that the shelf life of the product is much more significant than saving on initial buying costs. For instance, it might be expensive to choose a high-quality air compressor, but, in return, it will help the company save on replacement and repair costs.


The industrial air compressor to be installed in the business will depend on how the owner is planning to use it and the availability of resources. Instead of just buying the most powerful model that a business can afford or the cheapest one that can meet the premises’ requirements, it is suggested to evaluate the air compressor based on the above-listed factors for better decision making.